Thursday, March 11, 2010


North Korea Watch: Not So Great Divide

SEOUL | North Korea has recently created an army division in charge of newly developed intermediate-range missiles capable of striking U.S. forces in Japan and Guam, a South Korean news agency said Tuesday.

The report came as North Korea stepped up its war rhetoric against the U.S. and South Korea after the allies started their annual drills aimed at improving their defense capabilities.

I'll spare you more of my thoughts on the "stepped up war rhetoric." Read on:

"The missiles could pose a threat to U.S. forces in Japan, Guam and other Pacific areas where they would be redeployed in time of emergency on the Korean Peninsula, Yonhap said.

The report, however, didn't provide further details such as how many missiles the new division possesses and where they are positioned."

Yes, they could theoretically pose a threat to U.S. forces, should the North suddenly become completely indifferent to the concept of "counterattack." Interesting how the South Korean government could have such specific information about their presence, but no details or numbers. Almost like the North wanted them to know ...


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