Sunday, February 26, 2006



This past Friday was my final Korean lesson from Park Ji-Hye, or Isabel, as was she is known in my evening level 2 class. For the past two months Isabel has taught me Hangul in exchange for some lessons on how to write in English.

Isabel tells me I look like Brad Pitt. But, whatever questions you may have about her eyesight, there's little denying her proclivity for language acquisition. She is one of the best students I've ever had, though, and as a Spanish major, English is actually her third best language.

She left for Seoul Sunday to continue her university studies. She left me with a note thanking me for helping her cure her inhibitions regarding speaking with foreigners (she called it her "inveterate disease") and a box full of facial mosturizers.

Speaking of which...

I can hear you, okay? Shut up.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Still friends

I have been asked to inform you, via this blog space, that I am still friends with and still "enjoy hanging out with your good friend Maria."

And I am grateful. When I see my facial expressions in pictures such as these I feel indebted that this attractive person still can stomach being seen in public with me on occasion.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Blog update

"When do we get a blog update, Rob?
"We check your blog regularly but you haven't updated it."
"When you don't update the blog we get worried."
The blog began for the purpose of updating you about my time in Korea. So here's the latest news: I'm up at 6:45 every morning and I work until 9 p.m. Then, sometimes I stay up until 2 grading papers and working on weekend project like sermons.
Then I wake up after sleeping four hours and go back to class, hoping my slacker students will show up so I won't have to call them and beg them to come. Then I schedule make up tests and hope half of them pass so it doesn't look like they're learning nothing.
Then I go home to eat cereal and ramen because I don't have time to go to the friggin' grocery store.
Then I snap at my co-workers and develop headaches in the middle of class because I can't get a break.
Is that update enough for you guys? Does that ease your worries?

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