Friday, April 28, 2006


So How Was Your Day?

Ho-hum. I met my students Jin Hee and Da Mi today, went to a traditional folk village, took in a cock fight, got put in a Korean prison and received an archaic form of corporal punishment for my misbehavior.

I can't wait to leave Korea; nothing interesting ever happens here.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Even More Pics (pt.3)

Today was also the last day of classes for this term, so it was the last time I'll see many of my students, possibly for good.

Oh dear ... I just made myself sad.

However, I can still take consolation that, by following my example, they can speak English more gooder than they could two months ago.


Even More Pics (pt.2)

As if I needed more, here are five additional reasons to miss Suncheon.


Even more pics

Okay, so Saturday wasn't really the last chance for the staff to appear in photos with me. That was apparently today. They held a goodbye party and got me some really nice stuff. Hope you enjoy these photos. The person who makes the BEST "wedding cake" joke wins an autographed photo.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Lots of Pics

Since it was my last weekend at the Suncheon SDA institute church this past Saturday, it was also the last chance many staff members will have to appear with me in photographs. I received more than a proper sendoff, especially considering that I have only been there eight months. I'll never forget Suncheon, they were good to a foreigner in his first time a long way from home.

The first person to comment on "my" child with Olivia gets 500 won.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Symptom of the Universe

This past week there have been opportunites for my students to learn several new words, including (but not limited to) laryngitis, bronchitis and, most recently, bloodshot. Nature had succeeded in convincing me that I needed a break from Korea. Having accomplished this, she may now be intent on convincing me to stay home forever.

Relief is in sight, but it is still many days and many responsibilities away.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Enough is Enough

Pictured at left is the Watos, apparently the commode brand of choice in Korea. The Watos and I became quite familiar last weekend during the spring teacher's retreat, as I relived a dinner course of lasanga in a series of installments. The next day the nausea had subsided completely and the (very, very bad symptom starting with d) had almost completely, but I still felt an overwhelming malaise, and a soreness which afflicted most of my body. Had it not been a long weekend in which classes were not taught, I would've been too sick to teach that day.

I've encountered four significant illnesses since coming to SK, two of which caused me to miss class (the other two hit me on weekends). This latest episode was kind of the last straw. I have enjoyed certain things about my time here, like good friends such as (clockwise from top right) Vaughan, Tatianna and Emmy, I need a dose of America now. I really can't wait. So, despite there being four months left on my contract, the Academic Office has been kind enough to grant me a term off. In May-June I will be home for two months, then I will return to Korea to fulfill my obligations to the SDA language institute. I've given up my spot on a mission trip to the Philippines scheduled for late April because, frankly, traveling seems kind of austere right now. The only expeditions I want to take are to Wendy's, McDonalds, and too a lesser extent, Taco Bell. Give me two months and this will pass, I'll be ready to travel abroad some more. But for now, I'm feeling a serious case of culinary nationalism.

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