Sunday, February 28, 2010


K-Pop Gets What it Deserves

I'm of the opinion that the best types of humor, whether it's Dilbert's office satire or The Onion's needling of the U.S. government is rooted in some sort of problem. These things wouldn't be so funny if they didn't talk about things that bothered us greatly.

And now comes Jeaok, a YouTube user who has found a niche mishearing songs from around the world and giving them hilariously rendered English translations. I, of course, take a special liking to his renditions of K-Pop songs. Most of these translations wouldn't be to my liking if I hadn't been subjected to listening to these songs at the gym - often played so loudly that I can't hear my own iPod clearly.

So, if you've ever been exposed to the wonder that K-Pop, you're in for a treat. Be warned, though, that Jeaok seems to think that a lot of Korean words sound like English obscenities or, worse, racial slurs. Prepare yourself for that fact and you'll probably find this highly amusing.

My favorite of all of his translations would have to be "Sorry Sorry" by Super Junior, probably because it's the most annoying song.

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