Tuesday, March 02, 2010


North Korea Watch: China Bound

Kim Jong-il will be taking his first trip off of North Korean soil in four years to visit China, according to BusinessWeek.

China, North Korea’s biggest political and economic ally, is the only country for Kim’s communist regime to reach out to for support as the U.S., Japan and South Korea increase pressure on the North to return to nuclear disarmament talks, said Park Joon Young, professor of international relations at Ewha Womans University. North Korea may also need more help from China to prop up an economy hurt by United Nations sanctions on cross- border financial transactions.

“Kim Jong Il would have to show commitment to returning to international dialogue if he wants to get China’s support,” Park said in Seoul. “Kim’s China visit, which is highly likely, heightens the prospects of the disarmament talks resuming.”

Maybe while he's there he can get China to loan N.K. some more soldiers.


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