Thursday, March 11, 2010


Adverse Possession

Korea's Ven. Beopjeong passed away following a bout with lung cancer today.

"Beopjeong, whose most famous book is 'Without Possession,' maintained a frugal and secluded life while preaching the virtue of possessing nothing, a soothing message to Koreans tired of chasing their possessive desire in vain.

"'When you do not own anything, you actually own everything in the world.' This one line in 'Without Possession,' a collection of 35 short essays, sums up the Venerable Beopjeong's lifelong philosophy."

Apparently Without Possession sold 3 million copies in the three decades following its publication. But let me ask those who purchased a copy of it this: Isn't buying a book called Without Possession itself a repudiation of its core teaching?

And if the Ven. Beopjeong wanted his teaching of the avoidance of possessions to spread, then how did he expect that to happen without people buying his books?



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