Monday, November 02, 2009


North Korea Watch: If It's Broke ...

According to Reuters, Kim Jong-il's vow turn North Korea into a "strong and prosperous nation" by 2012, the 100th anniversary of his father's birth, is going seriously crimp his brinkmanship.

"This puts pressure on the regime to get as much aid as it can, as fast as it can," said B.R. Myers, an expert on the North's state ideology at Dongseo University in South Korea.
"To say that it will be a strong and prosperous country and to say that will be achieved by 2012, and to raise expectations, is actually a very risky thing."

For some time now North Korea has played the same game, which is to make a concession and then rattle a saber, thus maintaining the status quo. This piece suggests that Kim's hopes for 2012, which also when he may announce that his youngest son will succeed him, may make this game untenable. Perhaps more concessions from NK are coming.

Currently, North Korea has an economy worth $17 billion, 2 percent of South Korea's.


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