Thursday, August 13, 2009


Roger Ebert on 'Thirst'

Roger Ebert has given a mostly positive review to Thirst by Korea's leading auteur Park Chan-wook. Ebert writes:

"Park Chan-wook of South Korea is today’s most successful director of horror films, perhaps because there’s always more than horror to them. He seems to be probing alarming depths of human nature.

"His best-known film is the masterful “Old Boy,” about a man who is taken captive and locked up for years for no reason he can guess and none he is supplied with. Now comes “Thirst,” a blood-drenched vampire film about, unexpectedly, a Roman Catholic priest. The priest is a deeply good man, which is crucial to the story: He dies in the first place because he volunteered as a subject for a deadly medical experiment."

I own most of Park's previous films, and his Oldboy ranks among my favorite films by anyone.

His films certainly aren't for the squeamish, but they tend address the difficulties of acting in a moral manner when facing other overwhelming urges, as well as the consequences of failing to be moral.

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