Tuesday, August 25, 2009


North Korea Watch: Reunions and Rockets

South and North Korea are going to meet to discuss reunions among families separated between the two countries, according to the New York Times. It's a highly positive sign, given that it would be their first joint meeting in 55 years, the NYT says:

The meeting comes as North Korea appears to be shifting from provocations against Washington and Seoul — including a nuclear test and missile tests — toward more conciliatory gestures, among them the release of two American journalists earlier this month after a trip to Pyongyang by former President Bill Clinton.

If the two Koreas agree on a new round of family reunions, a selected group of Koreans from each side would be allowed to meet their children, brothers and sisters whom they have never met or communicated with since fighting ended in 1953.

Hopefully, the South's rocket launch today won't lead to any more childish paronoia from the North.

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