Tuesday, July 14, 2009


North Korea Watch: NK Attack Futile

Yesterday the Yonhap news agency published statements by U.S. Maj. Gen. Johnny Weida, which appeared in The Herald as "N.K. attack would be sudden but futile: U.S. general." You can read it all here, but I wanted to highlight a couple of parts which indicated what I had suspected: North Korea is capable of inflicting considerable harm and loss of life on the South, but not defeating them.

"It is our assessment that, because of their failing economy and limited support from traditional allies like Russia and China, they could not sustain a major offensive like they did in the first Korean War," Weida said.

The piece mentions the recent speculation that Kim Jong-il has pancreatic cancer, but Weida turns the burners down on the idea that this will push him into launching an attack.

"If he miscalculates and attacks South Korea, he and his regime are done," Weida said, calling such an offensive "extremely unlikely because this guy (Kim) wants to live."


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