Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Why Are Interracial Couplings So Common Here?

As published earlier on Korea Beat, the panel of the popular show “Chat With Beauties” had some particularly harsh things to say about foreign couplings here, particularly among Korean women and English-speakers who aren't so good at Korea.

Must say this part made this 6'3 Caucasian rather uncomfortable:

Kenya-born Euphracia said, “in Korea it seems that if you’re tall and just speak English well, you’re treated as the king… My other Kenyan friends were so surprised when they went out with they Korean girlfriends.” Germany-born Vera said, “if a German guy is tall then everybody thinks he’s handsome in Korea… They come to Korea and start acting like Casanova.”

There are many theories being tossed about as to how this subject came up (just check the Korea Beat posting's comments section), but it seems very few Korean males, much less foreign ladies brought onto Korean programming to make Korean audiences feel good, have asked why these couplings are so common.

At his blog, Chris Backe has started a list of such reasons, all of which are pretty good, if not the entire story. My wife likes to tell me that, before we met, she had dated a few Korean guys (who had much deeper pockets than I do) who were interested in marriage.

A big reason she turned them down had to do with alcohol. I don't blame them, though. If I had to go through the same school system they did, I might be tossing my cookies every weekend, too.


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