Tuesday, July 21, 2009


North Korea Watch: Stark Choices

It doesn't seem consistent with her "unruly teenagers that should be ignored" rhetoric from the day before, but Hillary Clinton now intends to give North Korea a "stark choice."

The United States will consult regional players on Wednesday about giving North Korea a choice between tighter sanctions if it pursues its nuclear program and wider incentives if it abandons them, U.S. officials said.

You hate to say something isn't going to work before you've given it a chance but ... this isn't going to work. If North Korea's leaders cared about our sanctions, we wouldn't be having these meetings now.

Clinton will have separate meetings with the foreign ministers of China, Japan, Russia and South Korea during the meeting. As these five nations represent the other members of the six-party denuclearization talks, South Korea had wanted them to meet to discuss the issue, but China nixed the idea.


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