Sunday, July 12, 2009


North Korea Watch: My Pancreas Hurts

It hurts just to look at a guy in this kind of state. One can only imagine how it feels to have to manage the world's last Stalinist regime while you have pancreatic cancer.

"The 67-year-old Kim was diagnosed with the cancer around the time he was felled by a stroke last summer, Seoul's YTN television reported, citing unidentified intelligence officials in South Korea and China.

"The report cited the officials saying the disease is "threatening" Kim's life.

"Pancreatic cancer is usually found in its final stage, and considering Kim's age, he is expected to live no more than five years, the report said."

If you're looking for cause for concern about the North Korean situation, this may be it. If he dies before Lil' Kim can win a sufficient amount of favor from the NK military establishment, there could be a breakdown.

That's an entirely different problem.


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