Sunday, June 21, 2009


Change Has Come

I picked up my mother-in-law from the train station about three hours ago. My wife told me to take her to the apartment so that she could "arrange something," then take her to the hospital to stay the night.

Apparently "something" was equivalent to "the entire house." In less than three hours, I'm not sure she has left anything where it was originally sitting. If she can ever stop herself, I'll take her to the hospital, then come back here and sleep alone, probably for the last time in a long while.

Tomorrow they all come home to stay. Tomorrow I also start working from home, editing materials on my home computer rather than traveling to Seoul. It should give me more time to spend with my wife, as well as with the little guy.

I don't how I'm going to adjust to living with him, but frankly speaking, living with her is more an object of concern for me. Woe unto any who would stand between an ajuma and a clean house.

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