Thursday, April 09, 2009


An Update

In regard to our problem with the crazy woman, my wife's complaint reached the administrator of her hospital, who yesterday phoned this woman's house for the purpose of reaching her husband and informing him of his wife's activities.

He left a message there, and it was returned by the woman, who said that her husband was away on business, and asked what the concern was. The administrator refused to tell her, and simply informed her that her husband would need to contact him later.

After their conversation, my wife received another text message, this one apologizing for the previous harassment. The woman told Catherine that she had been suffering from some manner of personal problem for the last five months.

Catherine and I are both feeling relieved by this turn of events, though the husband is still going to have to find out, probably next time he comes in for a checkup. She obviously has a problem, and he ought to know about it, assuming he doesn't already.

Many thanks to those of you who left messages of support here and on Facebook. This last week has not been easy at all, but since your prayers began, the turnaround was nearly immediate.

I will always be grateful for that.

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