Sunday, February 22, 2009


(He's/They're) to Blame!

Fellow Americans, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that times are hard right now because of our financial situation. The stock market is tanking, unemployment is on the rise and our housing bubble has burst. These economic problems come after many years of (tax cuts that favor the wealthy/wasteful government spending) that (have/has) left our country deep in the red.

Of course, our financial problems have been compounded due to the (misguided foreign policy of the past administration/the threat of Islamofascism), which has placed our troops abroad, putting their lives at risk (in an endless war at was begun under false pretensions/to protect our way of life). Now, our economy faces serious danger brought on by (a lack of financial oversight/the interference of Big Government).

(Because of/Despite) our obvious needs, President Obama has prepared a (sweeping/wasteful) (stimulus/“stimulus”) bill that seeks to solve our economic woes by (getting Americans working again/carelessly throwing money at the problem). This spending plan recalls former President Franklin Roosevelt’s (visionary/unnecessary) New Deal programs of the 1930s, which (gave hope to and took care of Americans in their time of need/delayed our recovery from the Great Depression until World War II began).

Despite (petty partisan/brave) opposition from Republicans who (squandered any credibility they had on fiscal matters while they controlled Congress and the presidency/don’t think our economy can be saved with more pork spending and government bureaucracy), this bill recently passed both houses of Congress along heavily partisan lines.

Many of you may be wondering what this bill means for you. For starters, the bill (calls for new money devoted to jobless benefits, renewable energy projects and other beneficial programs/raises our national debt to $12 trillion). (Also/Unfortunately), it will grant average Americans ($300 billion/an insufficient amount) in tax breaks, about $10 billion of which will go to businesses who invest in (green, renewable sources of energy/junk science). Spending of this amount will (provide work to Americans in modernizing and improving our nation’s infrastructure/put our nation’s future at risk of hyperinflation as we keep printing money of no inherent value).

And now, the most recent news indicates that President Obama’s response to the skyrocketing federal budget deficit is to raise taxes on (those making $250,000 in income per year/the most productive of Americans), thus (cutting our deficit in half in four years/penalizing success and returning to liberal tax-and-spend governing). He also plans to (wind down our disastrous involvement in/complete an irresponsible withdrawal from) Iraq which will (save money on our defense budget and get American troops out of harm’s way/constitute a surrender to America’s enemies in the fight against Islamic extremists).

Now, you may ask, “How did it ever come to this?” Well, some introspection is required: (Democrats/Republicans) did lose their way over the years, abandoning their (progressive/fiscally responsible) roots and acquiescing to foolhardy (tax cuts and military adventurism/spending and government intervention). The best thing for their party is ultimately the best thing for our country, and that is for them to return to their (populist/conservative) roots.

We know that the news that you’re hearing out of Washington can be scary, and you may be wondering what you can do in these times that (short-sighted deregulation/runaway government spending) have led us to. One thing that certainly needs to change is our nation’s overreliance on (the free market to provide for all our needs/borrowing for the purpose of living beyond our means).

In all honesty, American consumers as a whole are partly to blame for this, as they have year after year gone deeper into debt by spending and borrowing more than they could ever pay back and expecting that such a lifestyle supported by (greed/irresponsibility) could go on. Besides making a point to live within your means and pay as you go, you can best make a difference at the voting booth, and by contacting your elected representatives.

Let the irresponsible (Republicans/Democrats) in Washington know that their overreliance on Big (Business/Government) can no longer be accepted and that we can only solve our current troubles by (helping one another and spreading the wealth/putting our faith in the market rather than in government bureaucrats). The (Republicans’/Democrats’) (laissez-faire/tax-and-spend) approach has already been tried under the administrations of (George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan/FDR and Lyndon Johnson) and it didn’t work then, either.

Furthermore, let your congressmen and senators know that you side with (President Obama/the Republican opposition) and you do not believe in the failed approach of (partisan polarization/liberalism) being promoted by (his/their) opponents in (talk radio and the far-right blogosphere/the liberal media).

The (Republicans/Democrats) are ideologically bankrupt, and if we follow them we will be financially ruined. (President Obama/Conservative Republicans) (has/have) put (his/their) faith in (our shared sense of hope/our shared values) and (is/are) sure that theirs is the way out of our financial wilderness.

All you have to do is put your trust in (him/them), just as (he has/they have) put (his/their) trust in the common good of Americans.

God bless us all.

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