Friday, January 09, 2009


17 Weeks and Counting

Today Catherine and I went to the hospital for yet another checkup on our baby's growth.

We're now about 17 weeks into childbirth, so there was a possibility of us being able to tell the gender. That was not to be today, though, as the baby's position was not revealing.

We did learn that everything appears healthy, including the heartbeat. Catherine took a blood test to be certain, though, and we should see the results of that in a couple weeks.

The best part of our trip to the hospital today was definitely the pictures I got, in this case of the legs.

And here, of the face. It's exciting to look at, even if it isn't new information.

She probably doesn't really want me to show you this picture, but in case you were wondering how it's done over here...

Until next time...

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