Friday, December 05, 2008


12 Weeks and Counting

Saturday morning before church is one of the few times both my wife and I are able to make it to the hospital for check-ups so we went this morning. We had an ultrasound today and learned that the baby is 12 weeks and three days old. Catherine found this check-up much better than the last, because the examination device remained external this time!

We got a look at the baby inside her, and found out that it weighs 72 grams. I saw it's head, and we listened to its heart beating for a little while. Ever since I found out that Catherine was pregnant, I've been thinking much in the same way as before, in terms of my hopes, dreams, etc., not realizing that I'm about to bring a new person into the world, or at least not acting like anything has changed. I expected hearing the heart beat and seeing the baby would make this all sink in and reduce me to 200 pounds of blubbering sentimentality.

Nothing like that happens, though. Seeing the baby and learning of the progress it has made only brings back the feeling I had when I found out she was pregnant in the first place; I smile a lot, get excited and think of all the opportunities ahead. I suppose it's a good thing I can look at it this way, but why am I not more impressed by the responsibility ahead of me?

Anyway, the baby should be due in mid-June, and in a couple of months we should find out its gender. I will give it an English name and Catherine will choose a Korean name for it. I don't know what she has in mind, but if its a girl I'm pretty sure I'll name it Camille Jean, and if its a boy it'll be Daniel James or Daniel Ryan. I think I'll ask my parents to choose which boy's name they prefer.

Hopefully later I can scan the ultrasound pics we got at the hospital today, but they weren't the best; the shapes were blurry and you can't really see that it's a baby or even a head. Still, I want to give you an idea of what we're looking at.

Until then...

Exciting times!! I'll be praying for you guys!
Good luck with the pregnancy . . . and then with raising the child. Rewarding but not easy.

Speaking from experience.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *
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