Monday, May 26, 2008


Four More Days

Counting today, I will only work four more days at the SDA Language Institute. I've worked in three different locations since I came here (eight months in Suncheon, eight months in Chuncheon, and 15 in Seoul) but, all-together, it's the longest I've worked for one company.

On Sunday I'm set to start working at the Korea Herald. It's one of the biggest English-language newspapers in South Korea, and this opportunity to work there as a copy editor has pretty much fallen into my lap. I knew I wanted to return to journalism one day, but I wasn't sure how I'd achieve that. Most teaches at the SDA institute have to go to grad school or get a different job teaching English somewhere else in Korea, because it's hard to transition from this job to another one in your home country.

I know I am blessed, but my feelings are mixed. My fellow employees at the textbook office are sad. Many of my former students and fellow teachers will be when they hear the news.

I've had a very cozy, practically boss-free environment to work in for the past three years, and I'm about to re-enter that jaded, crusty newsroom environment. Also, though Catherine and I will be married in August as planned, we will not be able to live together, perhaps for several months after the wedding.

Many new challenges are ahead, and I hope I'm up to them. However, God has led me this far, and I believe He'll carry me the rest of the way.

He knows what's best for me. I just have to keep knowing Him.

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