Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Random Thoughts

This week all I want to listen to is Audioslave.

It's been about a year since they broke up, and since then I've bought the solo albums by both Tom Morello (who released One Man Revolution under the name of his alter-ego, the Nightwatchman) and Chris Cornell (who performed the theme to Casino Royale and then released Carry On). Morello's album was highly underrated, while Cornell's was the first dud in his approximately 25-year career, first with Soundgarden, the solo, then Audioslave, then solo again.

Neither of these albums, however, can replace what they did together. "Show Me How to Live" makes me want to bang my head, "Be Yourself" makes me want to cry, and "Original Fire" makes me want to dance. You may not realize how bold that last statement if you aren't familiar with a) my dancing proficiency or b) how averse I am to anything that makes me look stupid.

Now they are gone, and three albums just isn't enough.

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