Monday, May 07, 2007


The Thai Massage Industry

Thailand is well-known for its massages. For a little less than $20 both Catherine and I were able to get full-body rub-downs in Bangkok and Chiangmai, and later a foot massage in Phuket. Not all masseuses are the same; some have the strength of pipe-fitters, while others can situate themselves above you with the agilty of spider-monkeys. One thing they all have in common is a knowledge of the human body that a general practice physician would envy. They use this power for good; however, if they wanted to, I suspect they could use their hands in ways that would make you give up your loyalty to your religion, your country and your mother.

Another trait they all seem to share is the humorous signs in front of their shops. If I ever try to write a message in a foreign language and post it outside my business, I must remember to have a native speaker proofread it first, lest a smartass foreigner with a camera drop by.

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