Saturday, March 25, 2006


More Korean proverbs

"The man who fled 50 meters calls a man who retreats 100 meters a coward."

"A dog smeared with excrement scowls at a dog smudged with chaff."

"The bear does the stunts, but its Chinese owner collects the money."

"Even a monkey falls from the tree."

"A person who was once bitten by a tortoise gets startled when she sees a pot lid."

"If you bite your ten fingers, every one hurts."

"When things go well, he praises himself. When things go badly, he blames his ancestors."

"When a Buddhist monk acquires a taste for meat, no flea will be left alive in his temple."

"There is no ugly man in fine clothes and no handsome man in ugly clothes."

"You should deal with a mad dog with a bat."

"He wants to blow his nose without using his own hands."

"You can't block the heavens with your hands."

i take it you're enjoying the book...
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