Monday, March 20, 2006


Korean Proverbs

"A bear gets killed for its gallbladder; a man gets killed because of his mouth."

"Even if you strangle the cock, the dawn will come anyway."

"If the hen cries, the household will collapse."

"You hate the mother-in-law who reproves you, but you hate the sister-in-law who sides with her even more."

"The water downstream is clean only when the water upstream is clean."

"If you can't climb a tree you shouldn't look up at it."

"When the rabbit is caught, the hunter kills, boils and eats his hunting dog."

And my personal favorite, for those days when nothing works but you still have your grit:

"All I have is a pair of testicles."

Yup, I agree. Some days you have to hold on to what counts. And sometimes that's testicles.
is this one of those "ladies insert ovaries here" quotes???? you lack politcal correctness babes...
"Ladies" can have 'em too, just metaphorically speaking.
Yes, I know I've been told that I have big brass cohones...
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