Thursday, January 12, 2006



Exit Strategy

I want this mission to succeed as much as you
But I see no end in sight to the conflict.
Don’t accuse me of cutting-and-running,
I’ve fought as hard for this anyone.
We’ve become a destabilizing presence
And if we don’t get out soon
We’ll be two more casualties in a fight
That’s claimed too many good men and women.


I wish you hadn’t done your hair this morning,
put on that sparkling makeup that looks
like a constellation around your eyes,
put on a t-shirt I remember from warmer,
happier days,
put on a smile and greeted we with a wave.
Thirty minutes ago
I could’ve stopped looking at your eyes,
An hour ago
I couldn’t see your face,
Last night
you weren’t so happy to see me
And goodbye was hard enough then.

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