Thursday, October 13, 2005


Not Much Today

Thus far in my brief blogging career I shared my various writings on a daily basis. I have nothing to add today. Sometimes there just isn't time to share the inspiration, but hopefully such time will be allocated later. You can rest assured that when such a day comes, the postings on this page will be up to the standard set so far. I will not pander, patronize or sell out. Blogs come and go, but integrity and independence are forever.

Please buy System of a Down's latest album, Mesmerize. On this their third release, the Armenian quartet transcends the inferior nu-metal scene from which they were spawned and seizes status as one of the greatest bands of this day and age, and may potentially be known as one of the best hard rock bands ever.

At least that's what the press release said.

Now see, that's a picture I haven't seen yet!
More blogs soon please.
oh, and haven't been to a movie in FOREVER!
You look like a rock star.
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